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Do I Have to Accept the Insurer’s Offer on a Totaled Vehicle?

Do I have to accept the offer my insurance company gives me on my totaled vehicle? The accident was not my fault, and I have received the necessary paperwork to surrender the title of the vehicle to the insurance company.
No, you are not obligated to accept an insurer’s offer on a totaled car. For one, your state will have specific regulations governing car insurance claims that are intended to protect consumers from being shortchanged by insurance companies. You can find a list of your rights in this situation by contacting your state’s department of insurance. Secondly, you should look over your policy for what is usually called an appraisal clause. This clause is designed to settle disputes fairly when you and your insurer cannot agree on a value for a totaled vehicle. Typically, this clause gives you the right to an independent appraisal, which you pay for out of pocket. An independent party appointed by both the insurer’s appraiser and yours then compares the two values to decide which is fair. You do not have to surrender the title to your insurance company until you’ve agreed on a mutually acceptable value for your car.

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